The difference between Editors and Guests on Simplified is:

1. Editors

  • Editors have lifetime access to Simplified's features and tools, as well as their own individual word quotas.

  • Currently, we have 1, 3, or 6 editor seats, depending on which tier your purchase.

  • Each seat comes with its own allotment of monthly background remover credits, storage space, and AI copywriting word limits.

  • The more editors you have, the more resources your team has to utilize🙂

2. Guests

  • You can have unlimited guests on Simplified, meaning you can add as many members as you want who can collaborate with you, comment, and tag.

  • Guests have to buy their own plan to get access to premium features.

  • They are additional members who you can add to your plan.

  • Guests can use features like the AI copywriter.

  • Their copy AI generating won't reduce an editor's word quota for the month.

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